Gateway Arch (The)

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by anna195 on September 19, 2006

This is a very plain, yet awe-inspiring monument. And we hadn't even gone inside the museum yet. My boys thought this was just about the "coolest" thing they'd ever seen. The way the sun reflects off of the arch and the view of the Mississippi River makes this such a neat thing to see.

Inside the arch, you can tour the Museum of Westward Expansion. Here you can see some of the things that Lewis and Clark explored as well as how people lived in the "old west" times, including many other interesting facts.

You can also take a tram ride (actually an elevator) to the top of the arch where you can get an amazing view of St. Louis.

The kids will love this monument! My kids are still talking about it months later!
Gateway Arch
St. Louis Riverfront 707 North First St
St. Louis, Missouri, 63102
(877) 982 1410

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