Museum of Science / Body Worlds 2

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by RBT331 on September 17, 2006

We have been to the Museum of Science many times before.

This particular visit, we took in a new exhibit called "Body Worlds 2". In short, they are actually human specified preserved by a method called Plastination, and it shows how we as humans work and how things are connected and effected by various factors (i.e. smoking, cancer).

The exhibit was quite interesting. It may be a little much for younger people (17 and under) but with proper explanation, parents can be a big help for them. I saw one mother explain to her 5-6 year old daughter that that child's brain she was looking at was much like the one in her head. The child seemed intrigued.

Forewarning, admission to this exhibit IS NOT INCLUDED with exhibit hall admission (day hours $24/night hours $16). It is an additional ticket. It is also assigned times, meaning that you cannot view it until your allocated time. This is primarily for crowd control.

I would recommend this exhibit to all. It gives a very interesting perspective on how we as humans are put together.
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