Gondola Ride

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by amber02 on September 13, 2006

So before you visit Venice, many people will tell you to avoid the Gondola rides. Many people believe them to be an expensive tourist trap. But I totally disagree!! This is one tourist trap that you absolutely cannot leave Venice without experiencing. The Gondala rides are amazing and give you an experience of Venice that is hard to duplicate. On the boat, the city seems even more beautiful. Plus, your Gondola driver will give you some great little tid bits about the city. My friends and I actually took the opportunity to get some inside info from the driver as well. For instance, he gave us some good tips on nice local restaurants. The views and experiences you can get from a gondola ride are hard to duplicate!! Do not miss out on a ride if you are in Venice!!
The Grand Canal
Through the Central Districts
Venice, Italy


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