Compagno's Market and Deli

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by kyrie2005 on September 8, 2006

When I was a student at DLI, my favorite place to eat when the mess hall fare was questionable was Compagno's Deli, just a few blocks away from campus. The place was friendly and inexpensive, and served the most amazing deli sandwiches. They were probably the biggest sandwiches I'd ever seen!

I am happy to say that when I visited the Monterey Peninsula last December with my family, I found Compagno's still there and still serving their phenomenal food! The atmosphere is that of a friendly neighborhood shop - the owners are friendly and they obviously still cater to the DLI crowd. It does get a little crowded around lunchtime, but to me, that's just a sign of great food! My husband and I decided to split a roast beef sub and some broccoli salad. There is also a great selection of drinks, some definitely quirkier than others. We got this whole meal for around $12. The sandwich was as good as I remembered - served on a large squarish roll with fresh meat and plenty of onions, just the way I like it!

Compagno's is a great choice for tourists planning a picnic, a walk on the beach, or maybe a drive down to Big Sur. It is off the beaten path, on the top of a hill up from Fisherman's Wharf, about a block away from the Presidio. It is totally worth finding, though!

Compagno's Market & Deli
2000 Prescott Ave.
Monterey, California
(831) 375-5987

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