Custer State Park

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by KimberNicola on September 6, 2006

Custer State park was awesome. We drove from Keystone on 16A. This is a very scenic drive, but it has a lot of switchbacks, so if you get carsick, bring some Dramamine! We entered the park and went south on the Wildlife Loop. We saw some burros right away, but we were really looking for the buffalo. We drove along with wide views of the land – but no buffalo.

About halfway around the loop, we came upon the Wildlife Station Visitor Center, and they told us exactly where to go to see them, and there were literally hundreds of them, and close by to the road. We watched them for a long time, and we were fascinated about the amount of noise they were making!

On our way back we stopped at the Blue Bell Lodge, and while we were deciding what we were going to do next on this hot, hot day, a very friendly man there brought us all ice water in paper coffee cups. We ended up going across the street to the little store there and got ice-cream treats. We thought about doing the chuckwagon show there, but decided to try another one. There are a lot of things to do in Custer that we will have to try – next time – like horseback riding, hiking, biking, boating, and a buffalo Jeep safari ride.

Custer State Park
13329 US Hwy 16A
Custer, 57730
(605) 255-4772

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