Fun Royale-Tropicale Beach Resort

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by sylvia13 on September 5, 2006

I came out of customs but saw no known faces around, so I waited and then suddenly I found myself staring at my nephew Jorge and my sister Susie sitting next to him! We greeted and then my brother Ariel also arrived, with his smaller son Eduardo in tow. Susie organised a stay for us in the Fun Royale-Tropicale Beach Resort in Playa Dorada, and I enjoyed the drive, a wide road with no markings and everybody just passing each other - no big deal! So typical! The drive to the hotel took only a short while, but it was enough to immediately give me the feeling of the place once again, and I felt lucky to be there!

There are many hotels in Playa Dorada now and everything looked so lush and beautiful! I soon realised people in our hotel were very friendly and always smiling. My nephew Nico had arrived in the hotel before us, and I recognised him straight away, a mixture of his brother Danny and his father Raul! Good looking, a bit chubby, but very simpatico!

We had dinner in the hotel, with plenty of salads, avocado, and nonalcoholic drinks. We all got a room for ourselves, and I enjoyed mine, as I could spread out. Each room was quite large and had a balcony with flamboyant trees outside. I found I was having a kind of relaxing kind of exhaustion after I arrived and the shower that evening was beyond words, as there was no shortage of water! The air-conditioner was set at full blast, thanks to Nico. I kept my watch on Dominican time, so I went to bed at 4am, Austrian time, but did not fall asleep till well past 5am.

I woke up early and eventually found Susie and we had breakfast together. I enjoyed a couple of cups of hot coffee, plus tropical fruit and Danish pastries.
Fun Royale Tropicale Resort
Playa Dorada
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

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