Hotel Delle Muse

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by phileasfogg on September 4, 2006

We arrived at the Hotel Delle Muse after an early flight, tired and bleary-eyed and wondering what it would be like. Our first glimpse of the entrance- whitewashed, mundane, single-storeyed and looking like a shop- was disappointing. But we had bookings, and we didn’t have the stamina to go looking for another hotel.

So of course we went in- and ended up spending three nights in one of the most pleasant hotels we stayed in through our Europe trip. The receptionist, a man in a smart suit, was brisk and efficient and spoke English well. He checked us in, handed us a map of Rome (gratis), gave us a verbal list of do’s and don’ts for the hotel (and Rome in general- of which "Beware of pickpockets" was the best piece of advice), and had us escorted upstairs to our room. All within less than five minutes of our arrival.

Our room was on the second floor, and though it wasn’t large, it was comfortable and spotlessly clean. A painting (incongruously enough of Paris) hung above the double bed. The bed was flanked by bedside tables with bright lamps- for which I was grateful, since I love reading in bed. There was a dressing table with a chair, a luggage rack, a decent-sized wardrobe, a tiny TV, and a large window with quaint wooden shutters. The bathroom, though small, was clean and came with an abundance of crisp white towels.

We decided to have lunch at the hotel itself, and were directed out into a gravelled yard, topped with a trellis roof covered with creepers. The sunlight filtering through the leaves dappled the tables and chairs in a dozen hues of green and yellow, and a few sparrows hopped about, looking for crumbs. Bliss.

Our alfresco lunch was delicious- Tarun had a grilled beefsteak with roast potatoes, I a beefsteak with green peppercorns, along with a green salad. We shared a carafe of a lovely red wine. The waiter, a handsome man with greying hair and a completely wacky sense of humour, met us again the next morning at breakfast, when Tarun was struggling to get us a cappuccino each from the coffee machine at the buffet. "You want the cappuccino today or next year?" he ribbed Tarun, and then took over, bringing us some really great coffee. Breakfast on the whole was substantial: scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, cakes, jam tarts, grapefruit, juice, and crème caramel.

Access to the Internet was free, so Tarun spent time every evening checking his mail in the lobby. The hotel also offered individual safes, so we deposited our passports and most of our money before stepping out for the day. Very convenient.

Final verdict: the Hotel Delle Muse is a great place to stay. Comfy, friendly, easily accessible (take bus number 360 from Stazione Termini), and excellent value for money- we paid just €75 per night.

Hotel Delle Muse
Via Tommaso Salvini, 18
Rome, Italy, 00197
+39 (06) 80-88-333

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