Mi Casa Restaurant & Cantina

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by rickhowe on September 3, 2006

Our favorite restaurant in Cabo. We went twice in only 4 nights! With our many trips to Mexico, this was some of the finest local cuisine we have tasted.

The menu of Mexican specialties is all you need to see. I generally don't order a Mole. I know it's the greatest Mexican dish in the world (!!!!), but I usually find the flavor so deep as to almost be suffocating.

But the "Manchamanteles" sounded great and tasted even better—Mole, pork, chicken and fruit (!!!!!). It was lighter than most moles I've had, but no less flavorful (if that makes any sense).

My wife got an astonishing fresh Sea Bass one night, and a whole local lobster the second night (yes, we went twice!). On the second visit, I ordered an old stand-by that usually demonstrates the skill of the chef - Steak Tampiquena (skirt steak with Mexican trimmings). Also delicious!

Strolling mariachi's plus a sketch artists, and VERY eclectic furnishings make Mi Case the place YOU MUST TRY in Cabo San Lucas.

Oh, here's the Mexican speciality section of their menu:

El Manchamanteles de Morelia—Famous mole of chile guajillo & chile ancho with chicken & pork and lots fruit. Very tasty!

El Mole Poblano - Masterpiece of Mexican cuisine! Festful dish of chicken in a rich dark mole sauce of peppers, seed 7 spices ( approx. 35 ingredients) A feast for your palate!

El Chile en Nogada -A specialty dish to celebrate independence day. Poblano pepper stuffed with sauteed meats, served with a fresh walnut cream sauce. One Mexico's finest

La Cochinita Pibil -Famous dish from Yucatan. Shredded pork oven roasted in achiote served with spicy marinated red onions, called (Xnipec).

Las Carnitas de Michoacan -Succulent oven roasted pork, served with special beans, guacamole, cilantro, & onions

Los Tamales Bandera - Steamed tamales in colors of the flag.. Red: Filled with chicken in mole, green: shredded pork with tomatillo sauce; white: cheese & poblano strips
Mi Casa Restaurant & Cantina
Ave Cabo San Lucas
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 23410
+52 114 3 1933


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