The Petronas Twin Towers

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Gwilym Owen on September 3, 2006

Visiting the ‘Twin Towers’ was the one thing that I was REALLY looking forward to in KL!

A great deal was made about how the Petronas Towers was the tallest building in the world at 1483ft (452m), but really that’s not quite true as the CN Tower is actually the tallest building at 1815ft (553m) as I can personally attest. The Petronas Towers was in fact the tallest office block in the world, although the Sears Tower in Chicago still had the highest occupied building floor, more than 200ft higher than the highest occupied floor of the Petronas Towers – so the jury was out on that claim as well, especially considering the Taipei 101 building has now surpassed that record this October

Erm, the record for the world's tallest two freestanding towers?

But it DOES look far swankier than those buildings, and I’m sure there was no coincidence that the hotel room we booked had a clear view of it.

That first night we hightailed out to KLCC for a look round and gazed in awe up at the sheer majesty of the beautiful structures above us!

The next morning we woke up early to make sure we got a couple of only 800 daily free tickets for the Sky Bridge on level 41 (closed on Mondays!), so you could miss out if you turn up late! Once you have your tickets you go into a sort of mini museum on the construction of the building, followed by a guided tour up on the Sky Bridge itself.

The tapering twin towers share an Islamic-influenced geometric octagonal plan with 88 floors (all these ‘8’s are on purpose as they signify the lucky Chinese number. If you fancy some background revision, check out the movie Entrapment, which features the Petronas Towers in some detail.

There is also a fantastic shopping centre here and we got to see the spectacular movie Hero on its opening day in Malaysia, a film that had yet to see general release in the West at the time.

Petronas Twin Towers
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