Jungle Golf

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by wsmith727 on September 3, 2006

Jungle Golf provided a disappointingly average round of miniature golf. At $9 a person, it was probably about twice as much as the average mini golf course. In fact, the price was comparable to its competitors. C'est la vie. From the street, it seemed to have more impressive theming and landscaping than its neighbor course, so we chose to play here.
We didn't like that the course was fairly crowded, and the holes weren't particularly challenging and became somewhat repetitive. We wished that the impressive animals standing beside each hole would've been somehow integrated as an obstacle rather than just an accessory off to the side.
My wife got a hole-in-one on the circuitous final hole and inquired about a prize. The somewhat stunned clerk offered her a free small popcorn from the snack bar, which was a nice gesture but probably not company policy.
Jungle Golf looked more fun from the street than it actually was to play there, which is perhaps the hallmark of good marketing, but it's a tough way to retain customers. The arcade offered lots of games, but like the golf course, they, too, were overpriced. Also, we were able to park there for free during the week, but they asked for $9 on the weekend (with a free game included).
In summary, I had a decent time playing, but I'm not sure that I would return.
Jungle Golf
302 23rd Street
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23451
(757) 425-7240


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