Tropicat Sunset Cruise

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by rickhowe on September 3, 2006

We arranged for this Sunset Jazz & Wine Cruise with our hotel before coming down to Cabo. We expected to see El Arco (The Arch) and a lovely, relaxing sunset for our last evening in Cabo. What we didn't expect were the whales!

In the face of the approaching hurricane (John), we sailed out of the port towards the open sea. El Arco was on the right just outside of port, and the captain lingered there for photographs (wonderful opportunity!) and to let everybody see the sea lions basking in the sun.

On the Sea of Cortez side of El Arco, the water is calm, and one of the folks on the cruise had been diving there the day before. He was mightily impressed by the variety of sea life, but not much in the way of coral (as we had previously seen in Cozumel). The Pacific side of the rocks is very rough - too much for scuba, snorkeling, or even swimming. And, as is the case everywhere in Los Cabos, there are no lifeguards. So don't even try to swim on the Pacific coast.

We sailed around the rocks under the watchful eyes of the pelicans perched high above us and headed west out into the Pacific. Along the coast, on that side, are a few resorts (which, thankfully, are prevented from spreading into El Arco by the rough terrain), and further along we saw some super-luxe homes high on the cliffs.

Between the clusters of homes and the newly built (and building) condos and planned communities, it's pretty rough and wild. But it's only a matter of time and money before the entire coastline resembles southern California.

As we headed further west, just before we turned to return to port, we all spotted a cluster of whales in the distance. The captain tried to get close with the engines quieted down, but every time we came within 50 yards of one of the beauties, the crowd started screaming and scared the whales away!

The crew was surprised to find whales in these waters in August (their primary migration period is in the winter). We guessed that they were getting out of the way of the approaching storm, but nobody knew for sure. And we didn't get close enough to identify the whales, although many are circulating pictures around to attempt that.

The cruise, abetted by copious amounts of wine, beer, mixed drinks, fruits, and cheeses, returned to port about 45 minutes after the scheduled time-and we were all grateful. That extra time was spend watching the whales-a completely unexpected pleasure.

The Tropicat Sunset Cruise, at $49 per person, is highly recommended. And it was a terrific way to end our all-too-short vacation!
Tropicat Sunset Jazz Cruise
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