Geyser Gazing

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If you want to do some serious geyser gazing, your first stop should be at the Visitor Center at Old Faithful. They predict five geysers, four of which are in the upper geyser basin. Map out your route and head out. When you get to the geyser, be prepared to wait. Most of the geysers have a window of 30-90 minutes on either side of the predicted eruption time. I took a book, water, and sunscreen but ended up spending most of my waiting time talking with others who were waiting.

Next, find and get to know the "Geyser Gazers". These are people who visit Yellowstone National Park to watch the geysers. They communicate with one another via radio (which is how you can pick them out of a crowd) and are a wealth of information. They also informally predict other geysers in the basin. They were directly responsible for us seeing at least three different geysers we would not have seen otherwise. They can also tell you if a geyser you are hurrying to see has erupted yet or not. Many thanks to the gazers who helped us out during our visit!

If you are able, visit some of the geysers around sunset. If you have the sun to your back when the geyser erupts, you can see a rainbow in the mist.
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