Cheese Board Pizza

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by katkat99 on August 28, 2006

Oh man,  this place is delicious. I moved near Cheeseboard my junior year and ate at this paradise at least twice a week. Delicious pizza (only one flavor and always vegetarian although traditional meat eaters all love this place as well), and I always love what they have. My least favorite is this lemon zest thing they do and still I'd take that over any other purveyor's any day. They also have a nice selection of healthier drinks such as Juice Squeeze, Orangina and Pellegrino. I think it is about $2 a slice or $9 for half a pizza that you can take home. One trick that I have learned when getting pizza with a friend is to always order separately instead of together since they always include a little "taster" slice of half a slice of pizza with every order for free. The music is always fabulous here as well and I always put a few dollars into the tip jar for the lovely ambiance. Seating can be crowded so if you want get a nice blanket and eat outside on the grass. Also get there early because once they run out they are out for the day and you are left enraged and hungry. I couldn't recommend this place enough! It also is one of the few pizzas that taste good when reheated, I often take home a few and put it in the fridge and it doesn't get that yucky gummy cheese consistency that other pizzas get. Go, go, go!

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Cheese Board Pizza
1512 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, California
(510) 549-3055

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