Ocotal Resort

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Georgiatraveler on August 28, 2006

We traveled to Costa Rica over the New Years Holiday. The Ocotal resort was nice with a fair amount of amenities but some of the steps at the resort were precarious. So much so that my Fiancee fell and severely injured her shoulder. Since she fell as we were about ready to leave we did not immediately report it to resort management. Subsequently within 24 hours of our arrival back in the states we verified that the injury required medical attention. Ultimately my fiancee has to go through extensive surgery and 6 months of physical therapy to regain limited use of her arm. Over the past 8 months after receiving assurances from the Ocotal resort and their lawyer that they would evaluate her claims and do everything they could to resolve the situation...nothing has occurred. I get no further response from Costa Rica.. My point is be aware of the potential dangers of the Ocotal Resort stairs and as always make sure you know how to respond to medical emergencies when you are in foreign countries.
Ocotal Beach Resort

Ocotal, Costa Rica
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