Vertigo at the Banyan Tree Hotel

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by mightywease on August 24, 2006

About 656 feet above ground on top of the Banyon Tree Hotel is Vertigo, the highest - or so the advertising has it - alfresco bar in the world.

The service is impeccable, the cocktails wonderful, and the view - though muddied a little by the Bangkok smog - amazing...just see how close those airplanes are to you!

Cocktails will set you back about 310 baht each (4.32 sterling), plus service and tax. The Moonshine Romance, which comes in an icily steaming glass bowl with a rose on the side, is camp and fantastic.

Be warned, the bar is not for the faint0hearted. At 656 feet in the open air is high, and we spent a good portion of the time, at least until the cocktails reached our blood stream, not standing up and discreetly hanging on to the side of our chairs.
Vertigo Bar
Banyan Tree Hotel
Bangkok, Thailand
+66 (2) 679 1200

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