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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by lwitkop on August 23, 2006

I visited the museum for the first time when I took a group of students there for a field trip. I must say I was impressed. The exhibit we were most interested in was the Diego Rivera mural because I had just done a project on it in my Spanish class, but we also took a general tour and gave the students time to explore so they could have the general cultural experience.

I didn't realize there was such a variety of art in the museum before my visit. There was truly something for every interest, and our guide was quite knowledgeable about the pieces she pointed out during the tour. There was art grouped by movement, time period, and culture. I can imagine students of a particular time period or art style could spend an entire day just examining the pieces relevant to their study.

And I have to mention the Diego Rivera mural, since it was the piece I specifically wanted to see. It didn't disappoint. You can study the concept of murals all you want, and look at lots of pictures and videos of examples, but you just don't get a feel for the size and scope of a mural until you see it firsthand. I understand this mural is unique in America, since most of Rivera's other work is only on display in Mexico.

There was a special exhibit at the time, but it required an additional ticket and waiting in line so we didn't visit it, but from what I understand, they regularly have special collections on display, so you can keep your eye out for pieces that especially interest you, and the new infusion of pieces gives repeat visitors something new to look forward to.

The cost of admission was very affordable, $1 for students and $3 for adults, especially considering the quality of the pieces the museum holds.

I know some people hear the word Detroit, and they start to get concerned about safety, but I never felt unsafe, especially since the museum was on a block with other cultural buildings.
Detroit Institute of Arts
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