Sebago Sports 6-Hour Adventure

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by mtemail on August 18, 2006

Sebago Sports ( offers a 6-hour power sports trip. Essentially this is a day geared at doing all of the Key West water sports in one day. Since the kids had not done all of these activities, I thought it would be a very good way to do it all. On that level, it is a good way to be exposed to a full gambit of water activities: catamaran ride, snorkeling, kayaking, jet skiing, water trampoline, parasailing...along with an on-board lunch. You board the catamaran for a ride out to the snorkeling spot, which is filled with other boats from other companies at the same location. The boat we were on had about 80 people on board, so there are a LOT of people sharing your day with you. They then take you to a spot to dock (in the ocean), where they have jet skis, the water trampoline, and an inflatable torpedo ride (the catamaran carries kayaks). At this point you are assigned a time for your parasailing trip. Essentially they do a pretty good job getting everybody rotated through all activities of choosing.

I would never take this trip again. What it is good for is if you have never done any of these activities before. It does provide a nice overview of the activities. Since we had been parasailing many times before the 5-minute 200-foot parasail, it was a disappointment (most parasail rides are about 20 minutes at about 700 feet). Having taken jet skis around Key West, the 10 minutes on a jet ski on the ocean was not as impressive, but the kids enjoyed the open throttle time (they, of course, could not drive, as you must be an adult to do so, but the children could be taken out with a driver).

For the money, I would rather have chosen two of those activities and scheduled them to do it right. For the same money, I could have scheduled a full parasailing session for the group and a nice jet-ski rental around Key West. The kids did enjoy the trampoline and torpedo ride, but I think the money could have been better spent with less people sharing the experience with you.
Sebago Watersports
200 William Street
Key West, Florida
(800) 507-9955

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