Bahia Honda

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Bahia Honda

About a 45 minute drive up the keys from Key west is the Bahia Honda Park. In the keys, most of the snorkeling activities require a boat transport to the coral reefs where the best viewing occurs. Bahia Honda does have some great viewing close to the beach.

There is a small admission charge per person...and they have a small store where you can purchase a diving flag. I recommend you get this without a doubt...the cost is either 20 or 25 dollars depending upon which model you choose...and not only provides a great safety marker, when you return home it makes a great room decoration for the child. Each time you go out snorkeling on a boat the boat displays a red flag with a line diagonally through it and indicates to all in the water (primarily other boaters) that there are divers or snorkelers in the water. When you purchase the flag your group simply ties the floating buoy to their arm and drag the flag with them...this gives boaters (who will come into the areas snorkelers are located) and those on the beach a constant monitoring point for your group. The beach is reasonably shallow for quite some distance so the swimmers go out a healthy distance.

There are a few parking lots and a couple of beaches, we went to the furthest beach and parked and then snorkeled down both beaches and walked back to the car. Also one of the beaches has an island out in the ocean which is accessible by walking (yes the water is that shallow).

The calmer the water the better your view for snorkeling ...the water since you are so close to the beach gets very murky when the weather related surf is up, so pick a day when the weather is very clear and calm.
Bahia Honda State Park
36850 Overseas Hwy, Mile Marker 37
Key West, Florida, 33043
(305) 872-3210

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