Member Rating 2 out of 5 by lucinda3 on August 15, 2006

Wagamama is a chain of Chinese inspired restaurants. There is one very convenient to the British Museum, so I stopped there for lunch. The restaurant is very open and modern in design. The seating is cafeteria-style tables and benches, which can mean sitting right next to people in a different party.

Paper placemats serve their usual function and as a place for the waiter to write down the numbers from the menu as you place your order. They use this to calculate the check at the end.

You can check out the menu at their website. The most popular choices for entrees are noodle bowls. You can choose from different meat, seafood, or vegetarian selections. I ate the spicy chicken, which was disappointingly bland. I added lots of chili oil to try to revive it, but that meant adding lots of fat as well. Even though it lacked spice and flavor, the food was quite fresh and the chicken was tender. So, if you have lower need for full flavor, you might be quite satisfied with a meal here.
4A Sreatham St
London, England, W1H 9AB
+44 20 7323 9223


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