Sunflower Natural Foods Market

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by alighieri3 on August 13, 2006

This natural food store is tucked away in a shopping center beside a drugstore, a bank, and a video store. In spite of its far-from-exciting location, Sunflower is a fabulous market.

Specializing in natural and organic foods, the prices are more expensive than you would pay in a traditional grocery store. If you know how to shop at Sunflower, though, you can actually save money and shop ethically.

First, make sure to hit the bulk bins. Sunflower sells bulk spices, grains, nuts, and granola. These are mainly organic and are great deals. I can refill my spice jar of oregano for approximately 25 cents this way.

In addition to dry bulk bins, Sunflower also sells tamari, agave, and peanut butter in bulk. At the other end of the store, they sell natural shampoo, moisturizer, and dish washing liquids in bulk. Again, these are purchases that are healthy and save money.

The second tip for shopping at Sunflower is to look for local goods. The eggs from Feather Ridge Farm, a local farm, are hormone-free and affordable. The organic coffee, roasted locally at Catskill Mountain Coffee, is sold in bulk and is also a great deal. Purchasing these products supports local small businesses and saves your wallet.

Another tip for when you visit Sunflower is to check out the homeopathic/traditional medicinal area. They carry a very large range of natural and homeopathic remedies that are healthy, and will save you a doctor's visit. (I especially recommend the Gypsy Cold Care tea, as well as Emergen-c)

The store is fairly small, but it carries most of what you need, from produce to fresh breads to frozen foods and cleaning products.

My advice is to stay away from the prepared foods - this is the priciest stuff at the store. If you stick to the bulk bins, local goods, and the health care products, you'll be enjoying healthy, affordable, ethical purchases.

One final note - if you don't bring your own reusable grocery bags, they will try to pack as much as possible into their paper bags. Yes, they save trees that way, but they also break your back a bit!
Sunflower Natural Foods Market
75 Mill Hill Rd
(845) 679-5361

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