Hilton Curaçao

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by european traveller on May 17, 2006

Best Things Nearby:
Curaçao is small, so everything is nearby, including Willemstad, beautiful beaches and national parks.

Best Things About the Resort:
Very friendly atmosphere, fantastic grounds including swimming pool and two beaches.

Resort Experience:
My partner and I stayed at the Hilton for 2 weeks, and were in particular impressed with the friendly atmosphere. Overall it is not yet quite up to the Hilton standard here in Europe, but the rooms were clean and staff were exceptionally friendly.

Check-in was quick, barely giving us enough time to drink the served welcome drink. We were given a room on the second floor with a spectacular view (right in line with the beach). Unfortunately it also had a very mouldy smell and was very damp, which during the first night proved unbearable as I am very allergic to dust mites. Also it turned out the room had no hot water. However, when we complained the following morning, we were quickly given another room with hot water and no smell.

The breakfast buffet was great and staff during the week was very attentive. Unfortunately this is not true for the staff during the weekends, we did not manage to get any coffee during the two weekends we were there. We were not so impressed with the food at the Cielo restaurant, although it was OK, and entertainment was great. The service there was lacking somewhat, and the quality of the food was not quite what we expected. The strawberry smoothies from the beach bar, however, quickly became very popular with us.

The grounds, pools and beaches are fantastic! We preferred the Parasasa Beach, but both beaches had plenty of loungers. The adult pool was just amazing and at times we would be the only ones there. Although be aware that the pool functions more or less as a public pool, open for anyone to buy a day ticket (although many did not bother paying), which we are all for, but it does mean that it can get very rowdy during the weekend.

All in all we had a great time on the island, and can recommend the Hilton—even if there is room for improvement.

Hilton Curacao
John F Kennedy Boulevard
Willemstad, Curacao, Dutch Antilles, 2133
599 9 462-5000


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