Mandalay Bay, Bellagio, Mirage, etc...

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The Las Vegas strip has what seems like endless choices for hotels to stay at. All of them are over-priced but after walking through all of them numerous times, I have my favorites. Casinos are obviously the biggest attraction in Las Vegas, so lets start there. My favorite casinos are in the Venetian, Mandalay Bay, and the MGM. They are enormous! But they are also gorgeous!

Next, pools. Although I haven't been able to access all of the pools in Las Vegas, I can say that it would be tough to beat the Mirage and Mandalay bay. However, I have heard that the Bellagio has six pools and that beautiful fountain! The Flamingo's pool is also a great place to cool off on those hot Vegas summer days that reach way over 100┬░F.

Shopping! Vegas is a huge shopping destination. The first time I visited from here in Montana, The Forum Shops at Ceasar's Palace totally blew me away. It seemed endless. Another favorite, the Venetian. I actually got lost!

Well to wrap this up, my favorite choice of Vegas hotels are: Treasure Island - it's cheaper than a lot of the others, but is still great.

The Venetian - what can I say, it is beautiful and you can take an indoor gondola ride!

Mirage - I love this hotel because it is beautiful and has a great tropical feel to it, plus I love the volcano! Mandalay Bay - This hotel is just awesome, there is plenty of stuff to do, but the downside is that it is one of the top of the list as far as price goes. Well hope this helped a little! p.s. Take the monorail! Your legs will get tired faster than you think.

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