The Yacht and Beach Club

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by travelcp09 on May 6, 2006

Best Things Nearby:
The Yaht and Beach Club is one of the most famous resorts for Walt Disney World. Right infront(when you're by the pool) of the Yaht and Beach Club is the Boardwalk, and to the left of it is Epcot itslef, within walking distance. So there is never a time where boredom occurs.

Best Things About the Resort:
This resorts holds a number of spectacular things. First being the pool. There are a total of four pools. These pools are covered with sand filled bottoms, making you feel like you're out at the beach. There are two quiet pools, one fun pool, and a kiddie pool. Make note that one of the quiet pools are away from the pool area. These pools are very incredible and host a number of different activites. Connected to the fun pool, is an amazing ship, that contains a water slide with around two water falls and closed tubes jetting you down into the pool below it. Two, the Beaches and Cream Soda Shop. Never before was there a dessert restuarant like this. Make note that you have to try the KITCHEN SINK. Though it takes about 6 people to eat it too : )!!! Three, there are fitness area. There is a gym to fit your fitness needs. If you ask for a volleyball, you can enjoy a nice relaxing beach volleyball game. Four, there is an incredible spa! It fits the needs of anyone! And last but certainly not the least, is the character breakfeast! What more fun is having characters from different disney shows coming and helping you enjoy your breakfeast. From Mickey and Minnie, to Chip and Dale, they have them all!!!

Resort Experience:
The Beach Club Resort is the most relaxing resorts of them all. People who come here, look for relaxation, and they are never shocked when the workers help them in every way possible. When my family was there, we set up an alarm for 6am to visit one of the calls. When the phone rang the next morning, we found Mickey and Minnie singing to us. The next day it was Goofy. It all depends on what day it is. When you first enter the Beach Club, it literally makes you feel like you're at the beach. There are sandcastles, ships, sea stars, shells, and much more all over the place. IT is so perfect! There is never a day when you are bored. When we were visiting, we took a day off just to relax and, trust me, we took every single second that we could. We did boat rentals, jet skis, swimming, The Beaches and Cream Shop, and enjoyed the lake view. Also, we walked around the Boardwalk. The boardwalk, is a very pleasant place to go. They have nightclubs, dancing, shops, and dining restaurants. Also, there are bike rentals. We rented a six family bike, and it was so fun with all us peddling and trying to get up the hills. It was a blast!Nothing beats The Beach Club, and nothing will ever beat it! Just do us all a favor and check it out for yourself, and you wont be disappointed. Just don't forget about the character breakfast!!!

The Yacht and Beach Club

Orlando, Florida

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