Club Regina Puerto Vallarta at Westin

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Traveler707 on March 1, 2005

Best Things Nearby:
Tacos and Beer

Best Things About the Resort:
Pool, private Jacuzzi on our own ocean-view balacony, beds by the beach

Resort Experience:
The Westin is a large resort sort of in the marina area of Puerto Vallarta. It's not at all close to old town, where the discos and bars are. It's in the marina, where all the timeshares and timeshare folks are. They are pesty about it. You can just ignore them and keep going, though, but they do offer you a lot. From the Grand Mayan next door, we got $150, tickets to the Rhythms of the Night tour, a bottle of tequila, and a Mexican blanket for taking their tour. We really weren't going to do the presentation, but well, everybody has a price.

The beach wasn't the greatest, although we did try some snorkeling right off it, and saw quite a few happy fish. The best thing is the beds by the pool were the very comfortable foam mattresses with lots of pillows in teak pagodas with white curtains, very nice-looking.

The resort had an 'activities' director; however, most of the activities either didn't occur or started late. The best was a rousing game of pool volleyball, which was fun.

Puerto Vallarta's old town is a big party destination with lots of bars and restaurants in a compact area.

Club Regina Puerto Vallarta
Paseo de la Marina Sur 205
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 48321

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