Six Nations Camping Area/Watkins Glen Campground

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Samlawali on October 3, 2005

Best Things Nearby:
WAL-MART! Watkins Glen State Park, Seneca Lake, close shopping, Watkins Glen International Speedway

Best Things About the Resort:
Showers and bathrooms were centrally located in each loop and scattered throughout the campground. Electricity and water hookups at many sites. Large sized sites. I would suggest a thick sleeping bag or air mattress and steel stakes for your tent as the ground is VERY rocky.

Resort Experience:
Watkins Glen Campground is a place away from everything but right down the road from everything. We chose this campground because my friend Michele has an aunt who lives nearby and we thought we would stop by and say hello. Unfortunately, she had other plans and we had the weekend to ourselves.

After driving over 6 hours from SNJ and arriving at the campsite at about 11:30pm, we were surprisingly wide awake and ready to setup camp. Including the little ones: Heather, who is four, and the screamer--I mean, Rob Jr.--who is almost a year old.

While Rob Sr. and I setup the two tents, Michele kept an eye on the two kids. We had camp setup and ready to go within an hour and a half and by then the excitement of finally arriving was starting to wear off. Luckily, we were only three sites away from the brightly lit bathrooms and showers and we were able to get ready for bed pretty quickly.

We all climbed into our tents, bade each other a goodnight and settled in for deep sleep in the crisp mountain air (46 degrees), when ALL OF A SUDDEN, Rob Jr. starts crying. And I don't mean little sniffles, but all out belly deep screams. It seems that he requires his pacifier to sleep and the parents forgot to pack one. So after driving all afternoon and into the night, poor little Robert was overtired, out of his normal routine and without his pacifier. Both parents tried to rock him to sleep, sing him to sleep and smother, I mean snuggle him with blankets, all to no avail. Finally, Rob and Michele took turns trying to comfort him while laying in the van. While the noise level was greatly lessened with him in the vehicle, it was only amplified inside. As soon as Lil' Rob would calm down and either parent would attempt to move him back to his crib in the tent, he would get started crying again.

I think all in all I got 2 hours of sleep. Poor Michele and Rob had maybe a half hour each and our site neighbors were probably ready to burn us out.

By 6am, I decided sleep was never going to come and got up to visit the ladies room. I noticed that Michele was still in the van with Lil’ Robert who was STILL crying so I relieved her so she could run to the bathroom. When she got back we decided to risk it and go to town to look for a convenience store that might have pacifiers in stock.

So the two of us, unshowered, with major bed head, pajamas and morning mouth ventured into the unknown and after stopping at the gas station at the bottom of the hill were directed to the local Super Wal-Mart which was literally two miles away. OH, WHAT HEAVEN... Pacifiers galore!

Watkins Glen Campground
Watkins Glen State Park
Watkins Glen, New York
(607) 535-4511

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