Coral Reef Beach Resort

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by ARAMISmartinez on November 12, 2004

Best Things Nearby:
The beaches are the best. Nice cool sand on your feet. The water is clean and clear.

Best Things About the Resort:
The staff is always willing to help you with anything you may need and are very nice and polite.

Resort Experience:
The pictures were very deceiving. We had to go through the hotel in the front to get to the resort office in the back. The problems with this place started the moment we walked in the room. There was sand and dirt all over the floor. The toilet was broken, with a screw sticking out of it. The bed kept falling off the frame, even after they “fixed” it. The staff was very good about attending to our complaints. The room was much smaller than expected, but was okay for our small family of three. If the place was cleaned and repaired, it would have been a cute place for a short getaway. The best thing about this resort is that the beach is within walking distance. We loved the beaches here. We even had the pleasure of watching a school of whales out in the sea. It was just breathtaking. We sat there and watched the whales until they were out of sight. One evening, while we were walking along the beach, we saw two horseshoe crabs. That was so cool to see them up close and in person. The best things about this whole trip were the restaurants and the beautiful beaches. It’s a different world than where we are from. We will be returning to St. Pete Beach, but we will not be staying at the Coral Reef Beach Resort again.

Coral Reef Beach Resort
5800 Gulf Boulevard
St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, 33706
(727) 363-1604

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