Banyon Harbor Resort

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Barbara Gossard on September 26, 2004

Best Things Nearby:
Marriott Resort and their beach. The fact that you can walk to stores and restaurants was nice. You were almost centrally located on the island so you could travel easily.

Best Things About the Resort:
Close proximity to the beach, restaurants, and stores.

Resort Experience:
Timeshare is located in a heavy industrial area, as well as the cruise ship docks. The large, over-the-road trucks make a lot of noise at night, which made for sleepless nights. We had a patio area, but because it backed up to the road and had a row of hedges we were unable to use it because of the bugs. The unit was clean and the staff was very nice. It was within close proximity to restaurants, and the beach was nice. We spent most of our time at the beach in front of the Marriott.

Banyan Harbor Resort
3411 Wilcox Road
Lihue, Hawaii, 96766
(808) 245-7333

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