Sierra - Nuevo Vallarta Resort

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Stella & Kevin on November 20, 2003

Best Things Nearby:
Continental Resort next door!! The "zoo" at another resort nearby.

Best Things About the Resort:
The facilities at the resort were fine. One of the pools flooded with ocean water and it took them two days to clean it up and allow access to that pool. The same storm flooded our closet and we had to take everything out of the closet to allow it to dry - they did not come to clean it up even though we called twice over a three hour period. The regular maid service did finally clean it up however it must have made her job difficult with all our stuff all over the room to dry. And all staff seemed very unhappy... they very rarely smiled. They didn't really offer many activities at poolside.

Resort Experience:
We have traveled extensively and stayed several times at all-inclusive resorts, including Cuba and other parts of Mexico. We know that all-inclusive does not offer the best food, but it is usually edible! We rented there by doing an RCI trade and had to pay $50US day/person on top for the all-inclusive. Food was very limited selection day after day. The "red sauce" was thick at the beginning of the week but it got thinner as the week went on, and by the last day it was red colored water! The thing that saved breakfast was the hidden-around-a-corner grill at which you could order pancakes and eggs, however the staff did not understand English and could not cook eggs or pancakes well. Still it was better than what was on the buffet.

As for the snack bar for lunch, we were served an uncooked hot dog (cold) barely browned in four little lines. The French fries were cold and uncooked too. We thought that we might have better luck with the hamburgers the next day and asked them to cook everything longer. The burger was still red and fries uncooked, though warm. LaIntimo, the a la carte restaurant, was awful. You were supposedly only allowed to eat there once in a week. At LaIntimo I ordered the seafood with hollandaise sauce and cheese topping appetizer. What came was a strange soup with unidentifiable pieces of seafood wallowing in hollandaise sauce served in a soup bowl! My husband ordered the coconut shrimp appetizer they didn’t de-vein or remove the tail before rolling and deep-frying, however he said that even though he didn't taste any coconut it was the best food he had there!

We then had the ribeye steak it was NOT a ribeye, and was grizzly and fatty and was cooked well done (ironic isn’t it since we couldn’t get them to cook a hotdog!). The laughable part was that when we complained to the manager we were offered only to dine EVERY NIGHT at La Intimo!! We did try La Intimo again. I ordered smoked salmon with cream cheese and spinach appetizer after I asked the waiter to make sure I knew what I was getting. What came was a block of cream cheese cut in half with smoked salmon (very thin slices) and spinach (two leaves each) on bottom, middle, and top. It was like un-wrapping a block of un-whipped cream cheese and eating it with a fork. And I’m serious, both pieces were three-quarters of an inch thick and then slapped together!! We then ordered the chicken kiev, which was very greasy (even after coating and skin were removed) because it was done in the same deep fryer that they cooked the french fries in.

As for the regular dinner buffet, one night the only thing we could eat was greasy pasta, us and the only other table of non-Spanish speaking people, and it wasn't because it was too spicy--everything tasted BLAND!

Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta
Paseo De Los Cocoteros 19
Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, México, 63732
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