Sandy Point Beach Club

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Greg&Kathy on January 3, 2005

Best Things Nearby:
Patsy's Resturant, Store Bay Beach, Arnos Vale Beach/Hotel

Best Things About the Resort:
The people. People at the resort overall were wonderful.

Resort Experience:
Sandy Point Beach Club is located on a beach right next to the airport. The beach has rocks, so swimming right there is not a great idea, but Store Bay is only a 5- to 10-minute walk away, and the resort also offers free shuttle to Store Bay and Irving Bay. Also, we typically enjoy a quiet area for a holiday, but you, believe it or not, do not end up noticing the planes from the airport unless, like us, you sit in the bar at night and watched them coming in (actually interesting).

The restaurant at the hotel is very resonable but quite limited as to what they offer. We found the breakfasts to be a great bargain and delicious. All the people that were with us highly recommend the "bake" instead of toast with your breakfast. The one other great try there is the crab and dumplings--I tried it elsewhere on the island, but it was not nearly as good.

We stayed in a one-bedroom the first week and shared with relatives. Our other cousins had a one-bedroom to themselves. The second week, our relatives had a studio, as did we. The studio was very comfortable. The kitchen was more easily workable, and the general layout was preferable for us in the studio. Rooms were kept clean. During week one, we had a housekeeping staff member who was not great, but the second week was much better. Our cousins, who stayed in their one-bedroom for the full two weeks, had wonderful cleaning service.

The pool was kept extremely clean; the guy who looks after it really takes pride in his work. Even though the resort is older, it is very well-maintained. The staff there is very eager to please you and makes sure you have a great time on the island. The tours offered by the resort were excellent. We went on the island tour up to Speyside, and we also took the tour to the rainforest. Both were a bargain. Also, while there, any of the other tours the hotel offered to book for us were very good and at a fair price. In all, there were six of us who went, and the only regret from us was two weeks could have been longer. Also, all six of our group stated that they would love to return to Tobago.

Another point to note was that the little store right at the hotel had all the supplies you could need. Also note that the prices at that little store were right in line with what other, bigger stores were across the island. One other thing--at a couple of different beaches, you can purchase fish fresh-caught at 3:30 or 4pm. It was a very good deal and delicious. We also met a gentleman there with the nickname Joe. He purchased lobster for us for a very good price and also offered to cook them for us. Overall, we would go back to this resort again and again.

Sandy Point Beach Club
Crown Point
Tobago, West Indies
(868) 639-0820

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