Sand Pebbles

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by newzlady on July 23, 2003

Best Things Nearby:
San Diego Zoo, Disneyland, and the desert.

Best Things About the Resort:
Clean, a block away from the beach. Not many things for kids to do--just a small room with some old paperbacks, and maybe a video game or two, but it was a nice resort. The furniture was light and airy, and the rooms spacious.

Resort Experience:
It didn't have a fireplace, Jacuzzi, or daily maid service (without an extra fee), so I was a little disappointed. But the condo was comfortable, and few people were around. The grocery store nearby was pricey, made for starlets and stars, but we got a few things and had some nice meals on a budget.

Avocado and taco stands, along with coffee shops, were everywhere. I liked the fun, eclectic atmosphere--typical Southern California, with people everywhere doing healthy things like biking, jogging, or swimming in wet suits (I thought at first they were sharks or dolphins).

Sand Pebbles
535 S. Highway 101
San Diego, California, 92075
(858) 509-8799

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