Lake Shore Village Resort

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by nonniepazonnie on July 7, 2005

I'm downgrading my recommendation for this resort. We've owned here for about 5 years or so. During that time, I've seen a slow decline in service, upkeep, and supports.

Lake Shore Village Resort is a family-owned and -operated cluster of cabins on a small lake in Central New Hampshire.This resort is less like a timeshare than a more traditional cabin rental, meaning it is more rustic, less luxurious, and offers fewer supports than other timeshare options.

The reservation and check-in systems are completely self-serve. As an owner, you are given a day and time that your season opens up each year. All units are floating, and no weeks are assigned. Reservations must be made over the phone. The end result is that it feels like you are trying to win a radio contest, because you have to press redial 45 times. It always feels rushed. You have to make on-the-spot decisions about your reservation, which can be hard if you don't get what you hoped for and have to choose among leftovers without a chance to check with your spouse. Once you make a reservation, you are asked to write the resort a confirmation letter.
Check is at 4pm on Fridays. But the office is only open till 5pm. So most likely, you will have to let yourself into your unlocked cabin. We arrived at 10:30pm to find someone in "our" cabin. The office was locked shut. There were no posted instructions, cabin assignments, maps, welcome packets, or emergency phone numbers for late arrivals needing assistance. After tracking down management at home, the resort directed us to a different cabin, which they said was our "correct" assignment. The error was identified as mine. These systems are designed for operators’, not end users', convenience.

There were other incidents. An 8-foot wooden picnic table collapsed under my extended family, bruising two grandmothers as their bent legs got crushed. The table had visible rot and mildew. The lounge chairs on the beach had mildew on them; others were cracked.
The pool and hot tub were cloudy. Although members of my family used the pool, I was never comfortable with its cleanliness. My daughter's clothes and towel were soaked in someone else's urine puddle on the floor of the pool changing room. As I write this, I have waited for more than an hour and a half for assistance with a clogged toilet.
This is a resort for someone who is self-reliant and perseverant. You will not be pampered. If you camp or go RVing, you will be all set. But don't get me wrong, this is not "roughing it" in the wild, because the cabins are within a short walking distance of each other, and there is a shared beach and boat docks. So you will have contact with the other resort guests. This is just being left to fend for yourself. If are ready and willing for a traditional cabin experience, not a resort experience, you might enjoy Lake Shore Village Resort.

Lake Shore Village Resort
120 Cottage Road
Weare, New Hampshire, 03281
(603) 529-1880

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