Tierra Verde Tennis & Yacht Resort

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Netgoddess on August 10, 2003

Best Things Nearby:
Fort Desoto Beach, Clearwater Beach Pier 60, The Pier in downtown St. Pete.

Best Things About the Resort:
The pool. John (I think he is the manager of the hotel part of the resort) was absolutely fabulous. He got me extra velour blankets, pillows and towels for my teens (so they wouldn’t fight over them), as well as an unexpected rollaway because my oldest daughter kept complaining about my youngest daughter crowding the cramped bed and how my son got his own bed. He overheard them complaining to me and offered the rollaway. I think he saved me quite a few headaches. Every time he saw us, he met us by name and with a smile. I cannot sing his praises enough! Even with John’s goodness trying to make up for all the bad he had no control over, I do not see us ever staying at Tierra Verde resort - especially not using our RCI points, especially since you can stay for $59 a night on the weekend (according to signs in the bar). I’m sorry to say this, but I would rate Tierra Verde Resort two stars at best!

Resort Experience:
The sleeps six rooms are on the bottom floor and go from the front of the building to the back of the building and there are two entrances (one on the master room and one on the other room). Your kitchen is where the hallway is above you, the master bedroom is facing the parking lot and the other sleeping area faces the pool, marina, or picnic tables and has two pullout couches that MIGHT be full size but are definitely a tight fit for two bodies in one bed. The tables to eat on are NOT big enough for more than four people to eat comfortably, we had the kids eat at the table and we ate on the coffee table. The master bedroom was comfortable and not cramped; the other room was cramped for our three teenagers. The air conditioning worked VERY well as did the water heat and pressure in the shower. The décor was still very 60s, but we were more concerned with space than looks. There weren’t enough towels, sheets, pillows or blankets, but they got us more as soon as we asked. The kitchen had a full size refrigerator and oven and microwave, but very little counter or cabinet space.

We were a little disappointed with the rooms because they definitely have a hotel feel--not a resort or apartment feel like our home resort. We figured that like on a cruise ship we wouldn’t spend much time in the rooms, and would spend more out of the rooms. So we headed to the pool.

The pool is lovely. It is the nicest feature and is why it is emphasized in the resort guide and on their website. There is a nice large whirlpool spa and the restaurant/bar has waitresses wandering around for drink and food orders. They give a discount to the resort guests but you cannot charge to your room. You CANNOT bring your own food or drink to the pool, including water. On weekend days there is a band that plays, but I think that is for the locals more than the resort guests. There are some very rowdy regulars that I saw on three separate weekends. Yes, this pool is inundated with locals on the weekends and they appear to be more welcome than the resort timeshare or paying guests. Here is what I was told by employees:

There are THREE separate owners of the resort. The first owns the land that leases the land the resort rooms and the pool is on, the second owns the resort rooms, and the third owns the pool, restaurant, bar, game room, and the common building INCLUDING where you check in… that area is leased to the resort room owner. Here is the REALLY bad part. It appears that the three owners fight and the land owner prefers the restaurant owner and gave control of the pool to him to irritate the resort owner. Either way it makes for a not-so-smooth vacation.

I had a run-in with the restaurant owner on the fourth day we were there. We liked playing card games out of the sun at a table (requires food / drink service) and ordered sodas and appetizers regularly. Since they kept refilling and giving us pitchers we would purchase about $80 or more in food a day there for the first three days. On day four we were on the patio enjoying drinks and lunch and found when we asked for a refill she told us only one refill per person, no pitchers anymore. I asked to talk to the manager and she got the owner. He told me that they would go out of business if they had more than one refill per person for our 12-ounce cokes loaded with ice. I showed him our receipts and he said we got away with it before but no more. So, not only could you not bring your own water or drinks, but you could not get more than one refill on their $1.35 12-ounce soda even when ordering food. That was the end of our patronage at their restaurant.

The locals. . .this place is great for them but when I look at what I paid I feel like I got scammed into paying a fortune for an overpriced public pool. There is a sign that a $4 food order allows use of the pool area. Even so, some locals did, some didn’t but there were PLENTY making up for the others by ordering up the drinks and getting loud, demanding, and foul. There were kids, and then there were teenagers, and there were the adults that never grew up. I am embarrassed to say the kids and the teenagers were the best behaved. I felt sorry for the senior citizens that traded for this resort (I’m in my 30s and felt out of place).

The planned activities. . .we tried to sign up, but apparently were the only family interested so they were cancelled.

Tierra Verde Tennis & Yacht Resort
200 Madonna blvd
Tierra Verde, Florida
(727) 867-8611


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