The Quarter House Resort

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Dream Catcher Darlin on February 28, 2003

Best Things Nearby:
The French Quarter, the Garden District, tons of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and the Mississippi River.

Best Things About the Resort:
The front desk people were very friendly. Our bellman was very accommodating upon check-in.

Resort Experience:
The suite was beyond New Orleans shabby elegance, which can be quite charming in the French Quarter. Room was cramped and not in very good condition. Appliances were dented, scratched, and stained. A bathroom cabinet appeared to be falling from the ceiling! The most unfortunate experience we had was theft from our locked room! Unfortunately, management seemed quite unconcerned. As a result we felt the need to leave two days early.

The very best part of the hotel was our own personal suite mouse, which stayed with us the entire time! We felt it was probably an ancestor from generations who have lived in the nether regions of the hotel. It was quite cute, ate very little--a few kernals of popcorn, some nuts, and a bit of broccoli--and left no noticeable mess.

All in all, while we had a wonderful time in New Orleans. We would not stay at the Quarter House again and would advise RCI that they do not come close to deserving a 'Resort of International Distinction' rating.

The Quarter House Resort
129 Chartres Street
New Orleans, Louisiana, 70130
(504) 523-5906

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