Ocean's East and Camelot-by-the-Sea

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Martha&Lorraine on February 10, 2004

Best Things Nearby:
There are lots of great seafood restaurants -- Crabby Bill’s and Bills Crab House were two of our favourites. We also had a number of stops at the local store, Shane’s Market, where looks are deceiving. It's a small local store on the corner one block over and up from the resort itself. Very handy! The store carries everything you could want if you like to cook everything from the basics to wonderful prepared dishes like bacon-wrapped filet mignon and chicken Kiev. Just take it to your unit and prepare it when you are ready.

We had a wonderful week, sightseeing and discovering the local flavour of the area. My personal favourite was our visit to the Dali Museum in St Petersburg. Wow, what a great place and you bet I bought a souvenir or two there.

Best Things About the Resort:
Check-in smooth as usual with the great staff at Ocean’s East. We sit on the balcony and stare like most pale frostbitten Canadians at the glorious Atlantic. We have the perfect view. Below our third floor balcony is the hot tub, deck, fence, and sandy beach with the waves serenading us as we sip our first margaritas of the holiday.

Resort Experience:
Brrr, it is so cold and snowy we can’t wait to head out. We left Toronto, Ontario in the middle of January to go to sunny Florida for two glorious weeks. We love the drive to the sun. We leave the frozen tundra of Canada behind and already we feel 10 degrees warmer. What wonderful vistas and views as the miles fall behind us. We arrive in Ormond Beach and it is lovely and warm.

Our week is spent sunning, walking the beach and trying to decide whether we want to join the bocce ball on the beach or play horseshoes. We opt for a margarita occasionally instead. We get up most mornings to watch the sunrise with our coffee on the balcony. Ah, life can be so decadent in Florida! The week goes by slowly and we again enjoy the hospitality of the area shops and sightseeing. Check it out on Saturday. We’re off to St Pete’s Beach. This will be our first visit to Camelot By The Sea. We arrive at our destination and are enthralled by the scenic beauty of the coast line and the Gulf of Mexico.

Our stay at Camelot By The Sea is more than perfect. The accommodations are beautiful and we just have to cross the local two lane road and we are at the beach. The difference in the sand on the beaches between the east and west coast is so interesting that we keep marvelling at it as we sun ourselves some more. Now we get to watch the most magnificent sunsets from our front patio. The view of the palm trees, sand dunes and sun setting on the water are so transfixing we forget our apartment key and the door closes behind us. Once again we had a great time deciding that the only ice we ever wanted to see again was in the bottom of our margarita glass and the only salt (used on the roads in winter cities) was on the rim of that very same glass!

Well, all good things come to an end and at weeks end it was time to leave. We were tanned, rested and full of wonderful memories to share for the next year until we can get back next January. Oh yes, we will be back and look forward to seeing our friends at the great RCI resorts.

Ocean's East and Camelot-by-the-Sea
1801 Gulf Way
Tampa Bay, Florida


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