Posada La Ermita

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by lutz_r on October 12, 2003

Best Things Nearby:
EVERYTHING! You have to visit this place!

Best Things About the Resort:
The location is excellent -- it is right in town on the top of a hill so you have the best view you can get. The resort is very well kept, the gardens are great and the pool is O.K.

I don't know why this is only a standard resort -- I think it deserves to be an INTERNATIONAL DISTINCTION RESORT at least.

Resort Experience:
There is only one problem (not for me) about this resort: STEPS, LOTS OF STEPS!!! To my room, there were 123 large steps, so it is very exhausting for some people to climb so many steps, but if you’re in shape and you want the best view possible, it's really worth it.

The units are spacious and clean, very Mexican style. The bath is large and you have a great big balcony where you can eat while you check the view. This resort only has one-bedroom units for 5 people (privacy for 4 people) -- but BEWARE! This place sleeps 4 PEOPLE MAXIMUM! We were 4 people and a baby and it was crowded for us, so I recommend you to leave the mother-in-law behind!!!

Posada La Ermita
Pedro Vargas 64
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
(415) 1520-777


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