The Coconut Palms Resort

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by JulieHolm on June 14, 2005

Best Things Nearby:
The beach and the little tiki bar on the beach were nice. Just west of our beach there was another resort with a good restaurant, and we could walk to anther good restaurant. The horses we could see over our unit balcony were great.

Best Things About the Resort:
It was close enough to Cabarete and Sosua to allow easy access, but somewhat separated. I liked that. There were nearby places to eat. The on-site restaurant was great, and if I had not planned to eat in other restaurants, I would have purchased the meal plan. It is indeed a great deal. However, they did have few options for vegetarians, as I ate pasta several nights.

Resort Experience:
Coconut Palms really feels like an apartment in paradise. The unit itself was spacious and beautiful, with a tropical feel. Open screens and ceiling fans kept us quite cool and mostly mosquito-free all week; we felt no need for air-conditioning. It was wonderful to wake up and have breakfast out on the huge balcony overlooking the beautiful sea. The view was great.

We spent about half our time just at the resort and half the time visiting various places. We had two families, with six people and two little children, so some days we went off on our own, and some days we stayed together.

Nearby, Cabarete is great if you get OFF the dirty and busy main road. Walk along the sand and visit the little shops in the side streets. That said, there were a couple of really interesting shops.

Puerto Plata is worth a visit for the history. We hired a taxi driver for a morning. It was nice, but I did not get to walk much, which I'd hoped to do. Still, it was convenient to have the tour guide along. The rum factory, while worth doing, is small. I'd go back, though!

Surfing and windsurfing can be done right at the resort, as can drinking. The little bar has a 2-for-1 happy hour everyday!

The big kitchen and living area were great with kids, as they had lots of space. It would have been crowded for eight.

There were few organized activities for kids, but there were some, and the kids enjoyed them. Better yet was the nearby water park.

Coconut Palms Resort
Vista del Caribe
Cabarete, Dominican Republic, 57000
(809) 571-1174

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