Posada La Ermita

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by retro210 on December 26, 2002

Best Things Nearby:
Pretty much everything is within walking distance from Posada. You must and I mean you must take at least a day trip to Guanajuato. (Check out my journal: Guanajuat: Home to Diego Rivera.)

Best Things About the Resort:
Since Posada is pretty much at the top of San Miguel, the resort offers its vacationers breathtaking, panoramic views. I spent many afternoons and early evenings on the tile porch just relaxing and admiring the multi-colored backdrop of San Miguel. The restaurant was great. We never found anyone at the resort who spoke English, but we survived. Everyone was very friendly and hospitable. It was at the restaurant at Posada that I discovered my new favorite Mexican food: chilaquiles! I'm on a search here in Indiana to find a restaurant that serves chilaquiles; if not, I'm determined to cook them myself.

Resort Experience:
Apparently, Posada La Ermita was once the home of a famous Mexican movie star. Upon entering the resort, you know you are in "Real Mexico," with authentic Mexican art adorning the walls and everyone speaking Spanish. (Take Spanish lessons prior to going to Mexico, or bring along an English-Spanish dictionary, like us.) An older gentleman took our bags and we began "the Ascent": steps, steps, and more steps, until we found ourselves at our unit. We offered our gracious helper a nap after his strenuous workout, but I don't think he understood and opted for the monetary tip instead. The climb is worth it (and I'm exaggerating!). From our unit, the view of San Miguel couldn't have been more beautiful. The grounds were very well kept: green grass, cactus, beautiful courtyards, colorful pottery, and a small pool. We visited all the RCI resorts, and Posada by far is in the best location.

Posada La Ermita
Pedro Vargas 64
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
(415) 1520-777


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