Tierra Verde Tennis & Yacht Resort

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by krolls on April 24, 2003

Best Things Nearby:
Parks, playgrounds, fishing, touristy things. Convenience store nearby. St Petersburg!

Best Things About the Resort:
Well, when we first got there, it was very small. We had a bed that pulled down out of the wall. We thought it was very cool because we had never seen one before. Our first night, we stuck to the rug. We called the front desk (when they were open) and told them -- they came that day and cleaned the carpets. The room was just really dirty from the previous occupants, I think. We didn't like how the front desk was only open certain hours (except for emergencies, when there was a separate phone number you could call. The pool was the greatest! Don't know about any activities -- don't remember if there were any. The tennis court was being redone, so we didn't use that.

Resort Experience:
Small and dirty. Decor was ok. Partial kitchen was just what we needed for our family of three. Stayed there because we wanted to be as close to St Pete as we could -- this was only thing available at short notice. We probably wouldn't stay there again.

Tierra Verde Tennis & Yacht Resort
200 Madonna blvd
Tierra Verde, Florida
(727) 867-8611


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