Anchorage Resort and Yacht Club

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Donna G on December 8, 2003

Best Things Nearby:
John Pennenkamp State Park and Wild Bird Sanctuary.

Best Things About the Resort:
Remodeled unit and the sunsets.

Resort Experience:
If you don't mind highway noise, this is the place for you. I had to buy earplugs after no sleep the first night. The resort is next to a noisy draw bridge. Be aware that the RCI note that the bridge may be noisy when in use doesn't refer to use by boats, but use by highway traffic. This bridge is the only access to the Keys and is in use 24 hours a day. The noise resembles thunder and can be heard both inside and outside. In fact, to sit by the pool you will want a radio with a headset to help block the noise. Also note that the pool wasn't heated in November and was too cold to enjoy.

Other than that, the view of the bay is nice and you can see many boats going back and forth. The staff was friendly and quick to fix anything that needed attention. There was also a drainage problem entering the resort parking lot, which was flooded the entire week we were there. Apparently IDOT will be taking care of this sometime in the future.

Our one-bedroom unit was remodeled and large enough for the three adults traveling. It is 100 miles to go to Key West, but we didn't make the trip. There are no activities sponsored by the resort at all.

Anchorage Resort and Yacht Club
107800 Overseas Highway
Key Largo, Florida, 33037
(305) 451-0500

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