Otter Rock Timeshares

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by robandlynn on February 15, 2003

Best Things Nearby:
Definitely the beach!!! It is 85 steps down to the beach. There are tons of tidepools with starfish, crabs, sea enenime, etc. We also saw seals. In December and January the whales are spotted migrating South.

Best Things About the Resort:
Location, location, location.

Resort Experience:
The unit itself was stated as a Gold Crown, but I wouldn't really call it as such. The interior was really out of date and showing a lot of wear.

The silverware drawer in the kitchen was broken, so it just flew out when we opened it, so because we have two small children all the silverware was left in a pyrex breadpan on the counter.

I really wouldn't consider the unit very clean. It appeared clean, but areas were dusty and our socks were pretty dirty from walking around our unit. The first day we arrived it smelled like some carpet fresh was heavily poured onto the carpets. It took a good day to air out the smell. I don't know why they practice using this, since smoking or pets are not allowed in the units.

We had an upstairs unit, so we had a loft-like bedroom upstairs. It was opened toward the ocean view. There were two queen beds with the headboards on the stairwell side. There was a 3 foot ledge in back of the headboards open to the stairs. This made me very nervous and paronoid, since we have a 1.5 year old. This was definitely not a childproof room.

The ceilings were vaulted and open in the living area and there was a huge window overlooking the ocean. The view was definitely a big plus. There was a shared balcony with the studio next door. There was also a fireplace. They provide two logs. There were two TV and VCRs. One in the bedroom and one in the living room. There also was a boombox with a CD player in the living area.

The units were a fair walk from our car. When we arrived a golf cart picked up our luggage and "stuff" from our car and brought us to the first floor of the building of our unit. We then had to haul our stuff upstairs. Everytime we went out or to the front it was a good walk. I definitely got my exercise.

The laundry room was by the office and what they consider a games room (few outdated arcade games, ping pong table & pool table). There was an exercise room with a few pieces of equipment, no weights, just cycles, steppers. There was a heated outdoor pool and hot tub. We didn't swim. I had heard the water was on the cool side, but I did see a few kids swimming.

Otter Rock Timeshares
Highway 101
Otter Rock, Oregon
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