Kona Billfisher

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Barber E. Lane on November 24, 2002

Best Things Nearby:
This timeshare is on the south end of the village of Kona on the western coast of Hawaii. To the south amid dense tropical scenery is a small coffee plantation that offers tours. On the north shore of the island are the huge cattle ranches and to the south is Volcano National Park. If you're lucky, you can watch lava flowing from a volcano.

Best Things About the Resort:
The location on the west coast of Hawaii was great. With flights from the west coast of the main land into Kona, it makes it much more convenient than landing on the east coast, as in the old days, and driving around half the perimeter of the island to get here. Flea markets that sell fresh produce are along several spots of the coastal driving route within a few miles south of the timeshare.

Resort Experience:
It has been many years since our first timeshare exchange. Thank goodness this particular unpleasant experience was one of our first and we have subsequently gone on to many, many more outstanding and unbelievable experiences through timesharing.

This particular location was listed as a one-bedroom unit that slept 4, but upon arrival we found the one bedroom was not a separate room, but an area off of the dinky living room which was separated only by a flimsy fabric sliding accordion door/screen. Since there were 4 of us in our party; a couple, elderly friend, and 1 1/2 year old child, this did not permit any noise abatement or privacy for the entire week. No one got any sleep.

The resort is located across the street and back a way from the water which you are teased with by a large resort blocking the view. Our particular unit was up very rough wooden steps, and was very very tiny. It was poorly lit and decorated in low-end quality furnishings with wash-worn linens. The carpet was dirty and the walls were dark paneling.

The kitchen was tiny, only large enough for one person and not conducive to cooking a meal. The living room consisted of an older style sofa, one chair, and an old TV on a rickety cart.

The bedroom area had a bed and small dresser. The bathroom was basic with minimal counter space. A crib for the baby was placed alongside the bed, and there was no room to walk around the bed, so entry to the bed was from the foot. The crib that had been pre-arranged to be in the room was not present and when it was finally delivered we had to tie pieces of it together to keep it from falling apart. When inquiring about a safer, more suitable crib, we were told that that was the only one available. What's a parent to do - the baby had to sleep somewhere, though little sleep was forthcoming with the nightly worry about the safety of the crib.

The air conditioning unit located outside the front door at the top of the stairs malfunctioned. After a day and a half waiting for repair, the unit produced minimal cooling and rattled and banged day and night at decibel levels high enough to keep us all awake. After inquiring about relocation to a different unit, we were again told there were no others available.

The outdoor pool was small, unattractive and questionable in terms of its sanitation. We never entered it the entire week. The timeshare turned what could have been a week in paradise into a desire to go home. A getaway trip for our elderly friend who was in mourning from recent loss of a loved one was not a treat and escape at all. We were embarrassed by the housing we had to offer her when we'd wanted to do something nice for her. Our dream vacation to the Big Island was not fulfilled. I'm sure this island is wonderful, but from where we were staying, we couldn't see it. We've never been back.

Kona Billfisher
75-5841 Alii Drive
Kona, Hawaii
(808) 329-9277


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