Sun Palace

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by funandsun on July 15, 2003

Best Things Nearby:
The Sun Palace is a very nice resort in a good location that is laid-back and relaxing. The airport is approximately 10 miles away, town is about 30 minutes away, Aqua World about 10 minutes, Moon Palace in the other direction is about 25 minutes away. Within a short bus ride distance (for 6 pesos each person) you can go to two shopping malls, visit Senior Frogs, or grab a Domino’s pizza or Subway sub sandwich. It’s all within reach from the Sun. Come and enjoy, kick back, and relax!

Best Things About the Resort:
The Sun Palace is one in a line of six Palace resorts in Cancun (Sun, Aventura Spa, Beach, Cancun, Moon, Xpu-Ha). Within the next three years, they will be building three more Palace resorts with one being on Cozumel and one in the Cayman Islands. While in Cancun, if you stay at one Palace resort, you get to enjoy them all.

The Palace resorts are all-inclusive. When you arrive, you receive a wristband that you must wear at all times. This band allows you access to any of their other resorts, food, and activities. If you lose your wristband, you will be charged $100 to get another one. Their theory is they don’t want someone else finding your band and using it to get free food and access to the facilities. As we were standing at the front desk checking in, a Sun employee presented me with a large flower for my hair he had just picked from outside. Soon after, I was given a small flower necklace and my husband and I both were handed a champagne glass filled with an exotic drink. Nice way to get a vacation started!

The beach at the Sun Palace has beautiful sparkling aqua water splashing against the shore. There are, however, rocks spread out along this area so they do not allow boogie boarding here. But if you walk just a few feet in either direction, there are no rocks and you can enjoy the ocean. We found the waves to be fairly good size and a bit strong pounding against you if you stood in the break area. If you get beyond the break, it was fairly smooth and still shallow enough that you could touch the bottom. There were very few vendors combing the beaches. I only had one ask if I’d like to purchase some jewelry. The Sun Palace has curved lounge chairs that are provided on the beach along with small huts if you’d like to place yours under a hut to get out of the bright sun. The brochure for the Sun states there are non-motorized water sports available. We looked and looked and couldn’t find any until we finally asked about it. They do NOT offer these at the beach here due to the rocks. They do, however, have a marina directly across the street from the Sun. If you walk over there, you can get kayaks and other non-motorized equipment and use it on the lagoon side at no extra charge.

Resort Experience:
The resort offers one main outdoor pool where most guests gather and it is located next to the beach. They have volleyball net, but no water basketball goal. They had a couple of activity directors, but they couldn’t get very many people wanting to participate in events. They did have a big turn out for Bingo by the pool though! With the location of the building around the pool, as the sun moves across the sky, the pool begins to get shaded in the early afternoon around 3 or 4pm. If you want more sun, sit in the pool chairs furthest away from the building. Next to the main pool just inside the building is an indoor pool. This is a nice area to escape from the heat or if the kids want to swim while the parents have lunch, this is the place to be. The lunch buffet area and tables are located next to this pool as are a few ping-pong tables and the restrooms. On the other side of the building, there is another outdoor small pool that is for adults only. Next to that is a Jacuzzi with waterfall.

The rooms were nice and clean and 90% of them have an ocean view. There were two double beds and the room stepped down into a small living room area with a couch, chair along with a small table, and two chairs. There was also a small refrigerator in this area that was stocked with Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and beer. They restock the refrigerators every 48 hours (no extra fee, it’s included in the all-inclusive).

Their food at the Sun Palace was very good. Breakfasts are served beginning at 7am and dinners begin no earlier than 6pm. On our first evening, they were having a barbeque by the pool and were grilling steaks and chicken. They also offer an Italian outdoor restaurant, a nice sit-down order off the menu restaurant (dress code, no tank tops), and a buffet that runs each evening. They also put on entertainment shows each evening in their disco. Starting at around 8:30 or 9pm each night they will sing and dance and always do something different (Karaoke, Caribbean night, disco night, Mexican party). During the afternoon, the entertainers will walk around and talk to everyone about what they will be doing that evening and inviting everyone to attend.

This is a nice resort that couples and families alike will enjoy.

Sun Palace All-Inclusive
Cancun, Mexico, 77500

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