Mayan Palace Puerto Vallarta

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Ishtar on November 12, 2005

Best Things Nearby:
the airport, the supermarket, el centro, the Malecon, the next state, Nayarit and Punta de Mita

Best Things About the Resort:
it has all the amenities one would need if one never left the grounds.

Resort Experience:
I am not a fan of time shares, so please keep this in mind as you read this review. Nevertheless, I own one, but this was not gotten through those channels. Once again, Chuck struck gold on the internet, and we were able to get a whole week here for $200. How on earth can one complain?

Chuck had arrived here a day earlier than I did, so he had a chance to get a lay of the land. We had our first day and night at another resort, Villa del Palmar , and I really loved the ambiance there. The major portion of our stay was spent here, and then we had another day and night at another place downtown.

The entrance to the Mayan Palace is forbidding: the doorway is blocked by a huge black stone wall, which is supposed to represent a Mayan relic, with water all around it, and the visitor needs to go around this structure to enter the premises. (Not very zen). We arrived early; apparently check in is at 5:00PM and were told that before a room assignment, we had to check in with the time-share desk. We were handed over to a woman whose name I don't remember, but whose manner I'll never forget. She had a southern drawl, and asked very pointed questions. I do recall telling her that there were some things she should not want to know.

She gave us a run down of the facilities, with a map, a brochure, and a great big push to attend a short (??!!)presentation which would give us a choice of 3 activities. I have already reported on the outing of our choice in Part 1 of the journal. She told us that she had moved to PVR from Texas some twelve years ago, and never left. The man who was going to give us the sales pitch was also a Canadian that left home never to return.

The room we were assigned was comfortable, but lacked the most basic amenities, such as a coffee maker and a refrigerator. We were told that we could have those only if we upgraded to a one bedroom suite. Considering the little time we spent in our room, it was not worth it.

Bathroom was very well stocked with Gilchrest & Soames toiletries, so that made up for any discomfort I may have felt at not being able to have Earl Gray when I wanted to. Also, wall hair dryer, plenty of large fluffy towels and extra blanket. We rented a fridge for $25/week, and that was worth it. It made the room a little bit crowded, so that the area with the table and chairs was almost always jammed. The TV rests on top of a dresser, which means there is less room to maneuver. We had two double beds, as they could not get us a king. Thank Heavens for the A/C in this room!

Mayan Palace Puerto Vallarta
Paseo de la Marina Sur S/N
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 48354
+52 (322) 226 6000

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