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The Royals of Cancun include the Royal Sands, Royal Islander, Royal Caribbean, Royal Mayan and the Club Internacional de Cancun with shuttle services running between all sister resorts.

High season for timeshares in Cancun is in the WINTER so your best bet for getting a timeshare in Cancun is probably April, October and November. The rest of the year is already tooooooo HOT AND HUMID.

We learned that the snow birds just never give up their time slots in winter because they MUST get away from the cold and chill of the NORTH....Actually November is a fine time of year to visit Cancun. It was plenty warm and humid - especially as the tours to the Mayan ruins go into the interior of the state.

We can speak for the Royal Caribbean since that's where we stayed one November before Thanksgiving. The unit was large and spacious. Maid service is daily. There are many pools and restaurants to chose from. We are certain that excellent quality of service extends to all the sister resorts. A word of warning - their mosquitoes are plentiful and big, especially at dusk...

There are public buses running continuously in front of the hotel going from hotel row down into town. One of our favorite pastimes was to visit some of the big resorts like the Marriott, Ritz Carlton, etc. Be warned that hotels are set back away from the front of the street so it's a hike from the bus stop to the front door.

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Royal Sands
Blvd Kukulcan Lote 32, Section
Cancun, Mexico, 77500

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