Digging the Past - Archaeological Finds

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In my childhood, I had always wanted to take up unique careers – astronaut, pilot, and what have you, including being an archaeologist. A magazine on the Mt. Vesuvius eruption caught my interest on this. So, when I entered the Archaeology gallery of the National Museum of the Philippines, it was like stepping into my dreams.

The first thing that welcomed me at the gallery was dinosaur bones that were displayed on the wall. At the far end of the room is a small stage-like area that depicted pre-historic Philippines. There were columns covered with different kinds of tiny, dainty shells. At the next room is the remnants of the balangay or the boats used by Chinese and Malays who came to the Philippines. A globe stands at the center of the room beneath a starry-decorated ceiling. On the globe are the different trade routes of Chinese, Arabian, Malay and Mexican traders who bring and buy their goods to the country.

On our way out of the gallery, our guide showed us the tools used in archaeology and the different methods employed to preserve the artifacts. Though I have gone a different career path now, I would still entertain thoughts of someday digging evidence of the past.

National Museum of the Philippines
P. Burgos Avenue
Manila, Philippines, 1000
63 2 527 0278


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