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The Kremlin is the main tourist attraction in Moscow and it has reason to be. Throughout history the Krelim has been the site for major political leaders of Russia to live in and rule from. The power of the Kremlin is still felt today when you are inside it by police situated everywhere to prevent anyone from straying to places in which they shouldn't be.

It is not possible to enter any of the government buildings at the Kremlin, however, there are many churches and cathedrals inside that visitors can explore. Be warned though your ticket only allows entrance to each of these places once so see everything you want to before you leave. Places which you can visit include the Assumption Cathedral, Annunciation Cathedral, Archangel's Cathedral, Ivan the Great Bell-Tower, Church of the Laying Our Lady's Holy Robe, Tsar Cannon and the Tsar Bell.

Also worth a look around are the Secret Gardens which are extremely beautiful. The Armoury is situated within the Kremlin also but getting tickets can be a nightmare. I couldn't get a ticket to enter alone so it is worthwhile taking part in an organised tour of this if you really want to see it.

Overall the Kremlin is a wonderful place to visit as you really do get a feeling of the power that has come from these buildings throughout history.

The Kremlin
Entrance From Red Square
Moscow, Russia, 103073
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