Theater of the Sea

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Theater of the Sea
Located at mile marker 84.5 in Islamorada, Florida Keys
TEL 305.664.2431

This is about 30-40 minutes south of Key Largo on US 1.

Having chose another location for the dolphin swim, I chose Theater of the Sea for the Sea Lion Swim. This was something none of us had ever experienced before and it was really a lot of fun!!!

It is a very unique experience which starts out with about a half hour explanation session followed by about 30 minutes of time with a sea lion. It is very hands on and interactive. It was very fun feeling this animal ...the maximum size of a group is 6 so since we had 8 we did it in two sessions three hours apart.

The sea lion does a whole array of behaviors with every participant (i.e. kisses, hugs, swim a-longs, and foot pushes). They have photographers available for video and still photography which needs to be arranged prior to your swim...and if you have spent the money to be there—spend the next 200.00 it will take to get the full gambit of photos and video—it is one of the few home movies you will actually watch (even more than once!!).

It costs about 140.00 per person which includes admission for the day to all of their events—they have a parrot show, a sea lion show and a dolphin show...they also have a very small lagoon with beautiful parrot fish where you can snorkel...there is also a lot of interesting exhibits of flowers and animals. It ends up being a full half day activity...the show times run so that you can see it all before and after your time with the sea lion. They also do the swim with the dolphins experience.

The Theater of the Sea is far more commercial than the Dolphin Plus location—but with that commercialism comes more things to experience for your group at the same cost. Reservations Have to be made wouldn’t want to walk in and be disappointed because no times were available (which was the case on the day we were there—and stated by the staff this is a frequent occurrence). They have a swim with the rays areas which is at an additional cost.
Theater of the Sea
mm 84.5
Islamorada, Florida, 33036
(305) 664-2431

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