Canal Park Attractions - Waterfront Pier

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Canal Park is a main highlight in the Downtown Duluth area. It is a huge area of land that lines Lake Superior, provides a walking trail and tons of space for kids to run wild. Canal Park is located at the end of the peninsula where the lift bridge connects with another piece of land. The Lake walk, which starts at Bayfront Park goes for three miles and end in Canal Park.

Canal Park is a great place to watch big ships come through the bay. The Bridge that crosses the bay lifts up and people flock to the waterway that leads the boats through. The boats that come through are some of the biggest I have ever seen (see pictures)

Also in Canal Park is a visitor center where you can find all kinds of info on the area. The grassy area attracts tons of pigeons and birds, which can be, feed and make for tons of fun with the kids. There are a few vendors around that sell popcorn for a very cheap price. The birds will flock to you and fight for the popcorn. We had tons of fun with our son who chased the birds forever.

Canal Park had a few lighthouses and some great scenery. It is a great place to sit and enjoy the view, ride a bike, take a walk or chase the birds. This Park is a hot spot in the area as it provided cheap entertainment and a great atmosphere. I enjoyed staying in the area for a while.
Canal Park Attractions - Waterfront Pier
North Shore of Lake Superior
Duluth, Minnesota

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