Manns Chinese Theatre

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by cr008k on August 6, 2006

Manns Chinese Theatre is a great place to visit in LA. It is a little smaller than it looks on TV, but is almost more tasteful—there is a beautiful Asian influence to the decor, and you can really imagine all the movie stars of yesterday and today, heading to movie premieres. It makes you feel like a star and like you are really having the Hollywood experience.

Outside of Manns Chinese Theatre you can see all the footprints and handprints of the famous stars. This can be kind of crowded, especially if you go during prime tourist season or prime tourist time. It was a little crowded for us and we had to wait a little while to get our pictures taken with Marilyn Monroe's handprints. The more popular the star, the more tourists taking pictures—that is to be expected. It is nice that you do not have to pay to try out the handprints and take the pictures and see if you fit in with the stars prints. They even have Lassie's pawprints there—which was really fun.

You can also pay extra to tour the theatre. This is kind of cool because you get to walk around inside and see the historical stuff and the movie memorabilia. There was also a sort of art gallery type thing inside but that wasn't that great.

They also have movies and movie premieres there and the seats are very comfortable if you can get into a movie or a premiere. You also can maybe see movie stars, or so I have heard, although we did not see any movie stars on the day we were there.

I definitely recommend a visit. You should at least try out the handprints and footprints. Try to go later in the day so it will not be as crowded, or if you get to visit LA in the off-seasons (whenever they are—maybe in the summer when it is much hotter and less comfortable there). I don't know if I would spend the money for the tour of inside, unless you are really into the old movie stuff or seeing a movie, or want to imagine you are a movie star going to a fancy premiere.

Grauman's Chinese Theatre
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