Hotel de La Ópera

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Kiryo on August 6, 2006

Most definitely the best hotel in Candelaria and quite possibly one of the best in the city of Bogotá, this hotel sits directly next door to the Teatro Colón and is very convenient to the entire Candelaria district. At night the street in front of the hotel closes off and access is only permitted for hotel clients, usually arriving by cab.

The hotel itself is steeped in plenty of Colombian history, having hosted Simón Bolivar, among other historical figures, back in those 19th century days. It seems that saying Simón Bolívar lived here is like saying [your favorite founding father for your particular country] lived in a historical place. That aside, the hotel lives up to its reputation as a great place to relax after a day of sightseeing while risking soroche (altitude sickness) at this 8300 feet above sea level capital city.

The service is top notch, with a 24 hour room service that offers tasty meals at a decent price, giving you the option of cravings at any time. Breakfast consisting of a combination of choices that include cooked-to-order eggs, fresh (and I mean FRESH) fruits, even freshly blended papaya… everything here is “as you wish.” Chocolates await you on your pillow when you check in, as well as when you come back. The room temperature is subtle when coming in for the first time, and can be set with the in-room thermostat. The attention to detail is very impressive- the soap bars are stamped with the hotel’s harp symbol and the towels are embroidered to match. Pretty much any convenience can be arranged by the front desk at most times. Bogotá is no New York City, but the staff at this hotel will sure make you believe that they can outdo most New York hotels!

Speaking Spanish with the staff is useful, but not required.

The hotel website is
Hotel de La Ópera
Calle 10 No 5-72
Bogota, Colombia
+57 (1) 336-2066

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